We take inspiration from the vibrant culture of 1970s Manila, which is alsoknown as “The Golden Age of Philippine Fashion”. Each MALIGAYA garmentchannels the essence of this bygone erathatholds a distinctive place in ourhistory. It was acomplicated period, socially and politically speaking. Yet, it is also remembered for its timeless style andthe unapologetic spirit of the Filipino people.MALIGAYA serves as bridge to the past, bringing nostalgic 70s elements into boldpresent day style.


MALIGAYA is all about celebrating individuality in a world so often dominated by conformity. We encourage our clients to express their personalities through our vibrant prints and one-off designs. After all, our choice of clothing should be a reflection of who we are. As a brand, we reject the idea of mass-produced fashion. Instead, we breathe new life into vintage fabrics and old linens by transforming them into bold new pieces. We hope that every MALIGAYA garment will foster a strong sense of self-confidence whenever somebody puts them on.


MALIGAYA is committed to weaving sustainability into the fabric of its identity. Our brand’s dedication to environmental responsibility is evident through its strategic use of deadstock fabrics and upcycling techniques. By repurposing existingmaterials, wehope to minimalize waste and reduces ourenvironmental footprint. Through this sustainable approach, MALIGAYA not only contributes to a more eco-conscious fashion industry, but also encourages its audience to make mindful choices that positively impact the planet.

In conclusion,

Like our name suggests, MALIGAYA means HAPPINESS—and as a fashion label, nothing makes us happier then providing our clientele unique Filipino garments that aren’t only stylish, but crafted with the goal of leaving behind a smaller environmental footprint.